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15. Februara 2018.

Montenegro – Ecological Country

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Declaration of Ecological state Montenegro

We, deputies of the Parliament of Republic of Montenegro, see that the protection of identity of our people and land on which we live and work, because of destructing the nature, has become our opportune and the most important job.
By respecting our due to the nature, which gives us the strength of health, freedom and culture, we turn ourselves to the protection of hers, in the name of our own survival and the future of our successors.
Not feeling any difference between us so strong, as the changes, which our natural environment is exposed to, we subject our national, religious, political and other feelings and trusts to the plan to turn the Montenegro into an ecological state. We announce by this act of the Declaration, that Montenegro begins to make the state relationships with the nature.
Man and nature in him and around him are one in its meaning and specification.
That is why malversation of man was followed by malversation of nature. That is why we appropriate for advocating men and nature’s dignity.
With this Declaration, Montenegro reconstitutes official attitude towards nature and calls people for wisdom to stop ecological disaster that threatens us.

20. September 1991. Parliament of Republic Montenegro


Section 1
Basic provisions

Article 1.
Montenegro is a democratic, social and ecological state.

Article 19.
Everyone shall have a right to a healthy environment and shall be entitled to timely and complete information on its state.
Everyone has the duty to preserve and promote the environment.

Article 65.
State and environment
The state shall protect environment.
Freedom of earning and free entrepreneurship shall be restricted by environment protection.

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